Medicament Administration

Το στοιχείο που ζητήσατε δεν μπορεί να προβληθεί





The excessive  use  of  medicaments especially  antibiotics,  non-correct storage,  non-environmentally  friendly  release  which  may  entail groundwater  contamination,  the  need  for  medicament  recycling are  some  important  SD  themes. Additionally, economical  and social  dimensions  appear. The  practice  of the  so  called  “social pharmacy”  developed  in  Greece  in  the  era  of  economic  crisis (aiming at the use of quantities of remaining drugs by poor people) illustrates  these  dimensions. The  objectives  are  compatible  with EQF  level  5  (for  instance  the  competence review  and  develop performance  of  self  and  others).  They  also  correspond  to  VET further  specifications  of  ESD  Core  Competences.

The purpose of this Web quest activity is the creation by the students of informative posters after searching for information in proposed web pages on sustainable development issues regarding medicaments and their management by the 'social pharmacy'.