Medicament Administration

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  1.  Sustainable Use of Pharmaceuticals

2. Making the entire pharmaceutical chain sustainable

3. Environmental sustainability in medication processes performed in hospital nursing care

4. Green guide for the healthcare

5. The nurse’s role and unused pharmaceuticals

6.  Agenda for Sustainable Development

7. Unused pharmaceuticals from the Health Care Industry

8. Environmental Sustainability Issues in the Veterinary Industry

9. Pharmaceuticals and the environment

10. Poster to help students recognise medicines and use them safely

11. Antibiotics: Hundle  with care (WHO)

12.Antibiotics: Seek Advice (WHO)

13.Misusing and oversusing antibiotics puts us all at risk

14. Disposal practices of unused and expired pharmaceuticals

        15. Getting to Green: How's Pharmacy Doing?

        16. The Concept of Social Pharmacy

        17. HCWH Europe  survey regarding impacts of Pharmaceuticals in the environment