Medicament Administration

Το στοιχείο που ζητήσατε δεν μπορεί να προβληθεί




Duration:  3 teaching hours

Session 1

Awareness on the subject,

10 minutes introduction

20 minutes working in groups, Webquest on common sources: video and the article  Sustainable Use of Pharmaceuticals

15 minutes discussion in plenary session

Duration 45 minutes


Session 2

Review of what has emerged during the previous phase:                                      duration 5 minutes

Working in 5 groups of 4 people with stimuli - sources per group

Identify material: texts-photos to create poster:                                                     duration 20 minutes

Discussion in plenary session:                                                                                   duration 20 minutes

Duration 45 minutes


Session 3

Composition - creation of a poster                                                                           Duration 30 minutes

Evaluation                                                                                                                  Duration 10 minutes

Reflection - Retrospection                                                                                        Duration 5 minutes

Duration 45 minutes