Medicament Administration

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The administration of drugs is one of the main, responsible and complex nursing activities. The nurse assistant as a future health professional can administer medicines under the supervision and in cooperation with the responsible nurses and doctors.

Alongside, adopting personal attitudes could play an important role in informing patients and colleagues for the rational management of medicines. The knowledge on the part of nursing staff, the proper administration and management of the medicine, as well as safe and effective disposal and recycling are crucial axes and responsibility for health professionals. In this sense, there are multiple benefits for the patient, the environment and society in general.

The «terrible truth» for the annual quantities of expired and unused drugs and their effect on the triangle: environment, society, economy render the proper use and management of drugs an increasingly relevant issue. Moreover, the interaction of health and sustainable development is seen through an ecological health model that proposes a harmonious combination of environmental, economic and community factors and results in securing and maximizing health at the individual and social levels.

Description - Aim:This teaching-learning session is part of the subject Nursing 1  of the Nurse assistant specialization. The aim of this module is the development   of   knowledge   of   trainees   on   the   concept   of medicament as well as their awareness in this area, concerns and appropriate skills in relation to the parameters associated with them in the field of sustainable development.

Required Knowledge: Elements of Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics from the field of knowledge of Pharmacology. Medicament administration routes from the field of knowledge of Nursing.

Learning Outcomes - Objectives:They describe the knowledge, skills and competence based on level 5 of EQF (European Qualifications Framework), in the field of sustainable development, which the trainees will gain after completion of this learning unit and they concern:




• Implements  correctly  the  various  types  of  administrating drugs.

• Informs  and  trains  patients  to  take  medicaments  in  the proper way.

• Promotes the need of recycling and sustainable use of drugs, in the workplace.

• Informs  patients  about  the  rational  use  and  administration of drugs

• Demonstrates good use, administration, storage and release of medicaments



• Works with  responsibility  and with  respect  and  consciousness toward medicament resources, human factor and environment



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