Medicament Administration

Το στοιχείο που ζητήσατε δεν μπορεί να προβληθεί





The  module  "medication"  is  taught  in  the  Health  sector of  the Institutes  of  Vocational  Training.The  aim  of  this  module  is  the development   of   knowledge   of   trainees  on  the  concept  of medicament as well as their awareness in the sustainable development related issues. Expected skills are the  correct  administration  and  the  overall  sound  management of  medicaments  both  by  the  professional  and,  later  on,  by  their patients.  Rational  consumption,  utilization  of  remaining  quantity of  drugs  and  finally  recycling  of  drugs  are  some  ESD  relevant objectives.

Results of the implementation in Greece